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North Austin Yoga Studio at
Unbreakable Body Lab

Staying unbreakable doesn’t involve a plateau at Unbreakable Body Lab. You’ve got to keep climbing, practicing the habits that will keep you healthy. You can withstand the physical, mental and emotional forms of stress that cause a breakdown in your well-being with the practice of Unbreakable Yoga.

What to Expect

In just under an hour, practicing Unbreakable Yoga will allow you to maintain the progress you’ve made in the Unbreakable Body Program. It involves

  • Five minutes of breath work
  • 10 minutes of tissue mobility using a lacrosse ball
  • 10 minutes of Hatha flow-like yoga specific to certain myofascial meridians and patterns
  • 10 minutes of movement patterns such as gorilla or crab walking
  • Three minutes of cycling between extreme intense exercise, a break, then repeating the cycle to raise your stress level
  • Three minutes of breath work to re-engage the nervous system
  • 10 minutes of mindfulness meditation
  • Three minutes of “Thinktation” to focus your thought

Our classes are held twice a week at 6:30 p.m.

Get out of pain and become unbreakable. Book your appointment today!

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