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Unbreakable Body Lab Reviews

Dr. Dave consulting with patientWhat Our North Austin Patients Say

At Unbreakable Body Lab we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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I wasn’t able to even walk without pain let alone do what I love.  I had ankle/foot pain for over 3 years. Not only am I out of pain, but I am able to stay active, and run on town lake!

Casey | Runner | Austin, TX

Help for Running Pain Free

“I only had 3 weeks to my race when I first I went to Unbreakable Body Lab. I had seen six other doctors before this, and I fully expecting to limp through my race or run it in a lot of pain. Not only did I run the entire race with NO PAIN, I also came out with the knowledge to continue to treat myself should I have any recurring issues post-race. Dr. Dave definitely has my vote and my thanks!”

– Jenn | Runner | Austin, TX

Neck Pain

“I had neck pain for the past 16 years. Unbreakable Body Lab is the best; they helped me figure out what was causing my neck pain to linger. Using Unbreakable Body Lab I learned how to fix it. Added bonus – Not only are my neck issues resolved, I’ve added mobility throughout my entire system, and it improved my workout performance!”

– Vanessa | CrossFitter | Austin, T

Finished My Race With Flying Colors

“About a month and a half before I completed the Grindstone 100 mile trail race in Washington National Park in Virginia, I had a major back injury. I could barely walk from my bedroom to the living room without extreme pain around my tailbone area and thus stopped all my training.  The thought of even starting my race once this injury happened looked very slim.

Dr. Dave put me back in alignment first off through his normal adjustments. Then he advised me to use a tool called the Sacro Wedge. I needed to use this tool for 20 minutes every day until it began to get better. He also gave me a list of rehab strengthening exercises I needed to use after using the tool. This was to help strengthen the muscles around my tailbone to hold everything together.

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Just after 3 weeks of doing the exercises that Dr. Dave advised every day and seeing him once a week I was back in action. Back pain was manageable and I was able to start training again. A month later I toed the line of my 100 mile race with zero back pain and finished my race with flying colors.

Since working with Dr. Dave I haven’t had a major injury or running injury in almost four years now. Yes I get little pains here and there, but with Dr. Dave’s help they never stick around and I get back to training quickly with very little down time. I have been running stronger, faster, and I have been more aggressive in my training knowing that I have Dr. Dave to help me with my recovery.”

– Ty R. | Runner | Austin, TX

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