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North Austin Sports Chiropractor

Discover a functional, effective way to optimize your performance with chiropractic care at Unbreakable Body Lab. When your body can send and receive signals from your brain, you can have your 100% capacity for health. Without this vital communication, you will experience a breakdown of your health.

Determining If We Can Help You

Chiropractic Adjustment by Dr. DaveIf you’re in pain, we’ll identify the root of your issue. If the cause is due to a nerve root, meaning your body isn’t getting the signals from that nerve root that it should, we can adjust your spine to restore balance and function back to that area. In turn, your body can heal itself.

The three phases of chiropractic involve

  • Pain elimination
  • Functional improvement
  • Optimized health

At the heart of it, what we seek to accomplish is getting your body to operate at its full capacity.

What You Can Expect

When you have an appointment with Dr. Dave, it involves a quick symptom check to see how you’re experiencing your body at that moment. Next, we’ll complete a 20-point muscle functional test. Your chiropractic adjustment will be the next step, followed by myofascial release and other soft tissue modalities as needed, including “The Hammer,” our deep muscle stimulator.

When your adjustment is finished, you can go through your exercises in our training area, then check out.

Book your appointment with our North Austin facility today to learn more about what we do.

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