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About Us

Dr. Dave Greeting patientDr. Dave Cohodes has been in practice since 2011. Upon his graduation from Palmer College of Chiropractic West, he and his wife relocated to North Austin, her hometown. Dr. Dave knew that he wanted to offer comprehensive healing and wellness solutions to active, involved people and that our community would be the perfect place to open Unbreakable Body Lab.

Creating Our Own Healthcare Paradigm

We’re often told that our bodies can’t be fixed or that we’re irretrievably broken by the medical industry. You’ve probably told yourself, “I’m just getting older” or “My mom had bad knees” to explain away your health problems.

It’s not true.

There are answers out there for you, and Unbreakable Body Lab wants to be the one to provide those for you.

Become Unbreakable With the Support You Need

You, too, can become Unbreakable. You have the power to optimize your mind and body so that you can be more productive, focused and effective, achieving the results you want in less time. With the Unbreakable Body Program, you’ll get the health care you need along with the tools, resources, training and accountability to enjoy incredible health for years to come.

And if you just want to get out of pain, well, we can help with that, too.

Dr. Dave works with anyone who is active or desires to have a higher activity level than they are currently capable of. He’s cared for entrepreneurs, executives, professional athletes, Olympians, CrossFitters and numerous people who weren’t able to find solutions from any other healthcare practitioner.

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